Simple Newbie’s Guide to Online Shopping

Are you new to online shopping? You saw other people rack up the savings and couldn’t take it anymore? Well, here’s an article that should put you up to a speed a bit when it comes to online shopping options and websites.

Discounts sites

This is where the full power of the Internet comes into play. These websites receive bunches of discounted items or sometimes even give you discounts before receiving the item through deals with companies. In the case of and, they’re membership-based, although the registration is free. These websites have a VIP-only feel to them that makes shopping fun and different. When you land on multiple items that you like, you can often enter a code like “20% off on order of $60 and over” and find yourself with a significant rebate. On top of this, these websites sometimes even have a referrals program that could make you save even more. Stay tuned to their news on Facebook and Twitter as well become the best deals are often about a first-come first-served mentality. Get the news first and you will be able to get your hands on the hottest items before they show up that little Sold Out! sign.

Amazon is great. Why? Mainly because of the cheap shipping (sometimes free on eligible items), good prices and the all-so-important customer reviews. Amazon is also a site that provides good information to their customers like the remaining stocks, estimated delivery time and other suppliers. The customer service is obviously run through a tried-and-tested method and you will certainly be eventually satisfied even if your first item is defective. The return process is pretty simple and will make you feel relieved pretty quick. You can pretty much place a new order immediately since Amazon is that reliable on that aspect.

Another important thing about Amazon is that you should think about using the website specific to your region to get the best deals and shipping rates. Sure, most of time the selection won’t be as big on a website like for example, but achieving your $25 of eligible items for free shipping will be much more easy that way, and even if some items often seem cheaper on the US, the savings on shipping should compensate for the extra cost.

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