Is Dropbox the Best Free Online Storage Ever?

If you’ve never heard of Dropbox before, chances are you still rely on keeping a USB thumb drive with you or remembering to email files back and forth to yourself to make sure you’ll have access to your files when you need them. Let me introduce you to a little thing called Dropbox, an online file service that could change the way you work with your files forever. Read on to find out more!

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file synchronization software, which allows users to store and manage documents and files in a big virtual hard drive in the sky (cloud storage), and then access those files from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer or internet connected device such as an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The company provides a desktop software which installs on your computer, and provides you quick access to your files in the same manner you would normally access documents stored directly on your computer.

Is Dropbox really that good?

For the average User who has been sentenced to endless emails back and forth to themselves in order to keep their files accessible, the answer is simple…YES! Dropbox truly provides a seamless synchronization system and allows you to keep your documents always accessible, regardless of where you are. You can setup the desktop software on your home computer, your work computer, and your laptop, and so long as you put the files in the Dropbox folder, they will always be there, ready to work when you are.

Along with the desktop software, Dropbox also provides mobile apps, so you also have the ability to access your files on the go, as well as upload files, photos, and videos right from your smartphone to your Dropbox folder.

You’ll also have an option to access your files directly from their website, so that if you are working on a computer that doesn’t have the desktop software installed, you can simply log in to the site, and download your files.

Do I need Dropbox?

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck without an important file, emailing files back and forth to yourself. or just wanting an easier way to keep your pictures and documents with you wherever you are, then yes, Dropbox is for you!

You can setup a free 2GB storage folder with Dropbox, so even if you are on the fence about it, give it a try. Youíll find it a simple, worry free way to keep your files with you without having to worry about losing your USB thumb drive or forgetting to email yourself before you leave home.

For those of you looking more for online backup than access, I’ll recommend a different application to you over in the Tools & Resources page.

How do I get Dropbox?

So now that you know what Dropbox is, and why you should already be using it, you’ll need to know how to set I up.

Fortunately for you, it’s as simple as going to the Dropbox site, and signing up. From there, they’ll provide you with a download link to setup the software on your computer, and even a quick product tour so you know your way around.

After you signup at the Dropbox site, you can download the smartphone app from your App store, and just sign in with the same credentials you created on the website. Once you do, you’ll have access to anything you put in your Dropbox folder, wherever you are!

Final thoughts on Dropbox…

In the time I’ve been using the Dropbox service, I haven’t had a single issue with it – I’ve never lost a file, or had any issues connecting to their cloud storage to access my files. Since I don’t do much sitting still, I keep the most of my files in my Dropbox folder so I can always pick up right where I left off in a document regardless of which computer I’m sitting at. Dropbox has really reduced the amount of time it takes me to access my files, and get back to work instead of fumbling with USB drives or logging in to my email before I can start working.

Dropbox is truly a great service, and on top of that it’s free! If you find yourself needing more than the 2GB of storage youíll get with a free account, you can purchase more storage depending upon your needs. Like I said before, getting start is quick and free, so head over to Dropbox and get yourself setup today!

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