How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Facebook is a great tool. It is also addicting, frustrating, and privacy violating. Every few months or so it becomes popular for a lot of people to delete their accounts. This is usually spurred on by a Facebook privacy change. If you’d like to delete your Facebook account, here’s how.

Warning: This post will show you how to permanently delete your Facebook account. Only do this if you are sure you want to do it, as all the data, pictures, likes, and friends that Facebook holds for you will be deleted when you go through this process.

Things We Assume:

You have a Facebook account

You know how to navigate Facebook.

Step 1

Your first step is to download all of your data and photos from Facebook. You really don’t want to lose anything, so do this even if you think everything Facebook has is useless. To do this visit your account settings page (via the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner). Then click the “Download a copy of my Facebook Data” link at the bottom of the General Settings tab. Click “Start my Archive”. It will ask you to enter your password.

After that it will send you an email when your Archived data is ready for download. It will ask you once again to enter your password. It will then download a file which has all your Facebook data inside it.

Step 2

Now you’re ready to start the deleting process. Visit this link. (you’ll need to be logged in for this to work).

Step 3

Click Delete My Account.

Step 4

Follow the directions, enter your password, the CAPTCHA, then click Okay.

Step 5

You account is now ready to be deleted. It is not deleted automatically. Read the next part for the reason why.

14 Day warning

Facebook does not delete your account right away. The process takes 14 days. During that 14 days, do not sign into your account. Doing so will reactivate your account and you will have to delete it again. This is put in place just in case you change your mind.

Know this, however, that Facebook does not guarantee that your data is safe during this 14 days, or that this 14 day period will be something they always do. So only delete your account if you want it gone. Don’t trust that 14 days to be your savior if you change your mind.

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