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Edge, the Microsoft New Browser and It May be Better than Chrome

We long ago lost confidence in Chapter Microsoft browsers, but with the launch Edge, it could make a hit.

How often have you accidentally started regretted that Internet Explorer, when you wanted to run Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Most probably you do not have happened too often, but chances old browser out of Redmond to be among your preferences are marginal to nonexistent.

Fortunately, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have learned from past mistakes, both on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer. The new operating system to be released on 29 July will come bundled with Microsoft Edge, a more nimble browser than previous creations of Americans.

Through a new blog post-Microsoft, besides praised the development team behind Edge, published the results of several comparative tests of Google Chrome browser and the new company led by Satya Nadella. In terms of content rendering JavaScript, there is no doubt about the absolute leader.

WebKit SunSpider The Edge is agiler by 112% compared to Chrome, and Apple JetStream difference drops to 37 percent. The most interesting part of this announcement is that even in Google Octane, Chrome was weaker by 11 percent.

Incidentally, it is worth to note that, although benchmarks, like any other sentence tests, are relevant to some extent, especially to facilitate a comparison of the performance of the real world can be very different. In addition, it is possible to continue using Chrome or Firefox and Windows 10 from habit. Until further testing but is a little funny Google Chrome defeat by Edge.