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The Benefits of Dual Monitors

Perhaps you’ve seen some people on TV shows or even some of your co-workers using two monitors for work. Seems so cool, doesn’t it? Still, setting up the additional hardware and having to actually buy a second monitor can be a deterrent to some.

It’s a good thing, then, that the price of computer monitors has really become considerably more affordable in recent years. Even the high-definition liquid crystal (LCD) display counterparts have become relatively easy on the pocket. There are even budget monitors available from lesser-known brands.

There are a bunch of benefits when working on dual monitors—benefits which far outweigh the cost argument. For one thing, it can tremendously boost productivity. Users of dual monitors are able to open multiple windows in two different screens, so there won’t be a need to navigate between tabs.

Items can be dragged and dropped across two monitors easily. Aside from the nifty visual effect of dragging between the two “separate” spaces of the monitors, this also makes certain processes faster and more convenient. Just make sure you can extend the desktop by checking under your computer’s display settings.

A dual monitor setup also makes working a more organized activity. You can have a Word document open in one monitor, and then have your research material open in the other screen. Another way to go about this is to have your actual work open in one window, and then have all the “distractions”—the media player, files downloading on the background, the web browser, and others—all in the other screen.

Those working on graphics and illustration using their computers can also vouch for the viability of dual monitor displays. That’s because they have more digital room to work with. There’s also the option of having references like wireframes and blueprints open on one monitor while working on the actual output in the other. If you are a gamer, using dual monitor will increase your gaming experience and if you combine it with the best gaming routers 2017, it will bring you to the next level.

Of course, this isn’t to say that dual monitors don’t come with potential problems. For one, they take some getting used to. Another factor is that not every computer can support them outright. Some might even need to purchase a new upgraded video card to make sure the dual monitors are supported. This might mean more trouble for you personally, or for a company’s IT crew.

Most current operating systems, though, already have built-in support for dual displays, and most current personal computers or laptops already have the necessary hardware for this purpose.

Having dual monitors can also be a pleasing aesthetic activity. You can spice up your dual monitor display. You can download wallpapers intended for two monitors. These are usually those with a very panoramic design, and they have twice the width of one monitor’s display resolution.

You can even plug a monitor into your laptop. This way, you’ll have the benefit of a second display to extend your limited workspace. This is particularly useful for laptops with small displays, or for laptops that have widescreen displays when you need more vertical space to work with (working on Photoshop layouts, for example).

When you get right down to it, there are indeed many advantages to having a dual monitor display. There may be a few inconveniences, but the sheer benefits of increased productivity far outweigh these minor problems. When you have the chance, try it out yourself and see the wonders that having two monitors offer you and your work.

dual monitor

Edge, the Microsoft New Browser and It May be Better than Chrome

We long ago lost confidence in Chapter Microsoft browsers, but with the launch Edge, it could make a hit.

How often have you accidentally started regretted that Internet Explorer, when you wanted to run Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Most probably you do not have happened too often, but chances old browser out of Redmond to be among your preferences are marginal to nonexistent.

Fortunately, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have learned from past mistakes, both on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer. The new operating system to be released on 29 July will come bundled with Microsoft Edge, a more nimble browser than previous creations of Americans.

Through a new blog post-Microsoft, besides praised the development team behind Edge, published the results of several comparative tests of Google Chrome browser and the new company led by Satya Nadella. In terms of content rendering JavaScript, there is no doubt about the absolute leader.

WebKit SunSpider The Edge is agiler by 112% compared to Chrome, and Apple JetStream difference drops to 37 percent. The most interesting part of this announcement is that even in Google Octane, Chrome was weaker by 11 percent.

Incidentally, it is worth to note that, although benchmarks, like any other sentence tests, are relevant to some extent, especially to facilitate a comparison of the performance of the real world can be very different. In addition, it is possible to continue using Chrome or Firefox and Windows 10 from habit. Until further testing but is a little funny Google Chrome defeat by Edge.

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How to Set A Static IP In Windows 7

If you use your computer to access the internet, or access your computer remotely then you need to know how to set a static IP address for best reliability. Setting a static IP address in Windows can be confusing so read on and I’ll walk you through it.

How to set a static IP in Windows 7

If your computer accesses the internet, or is configured on a home or office network, then your computer has an IP address assigned to it. Most likely this address was automatically assigned by your router, but if you want a higher level of control, or if you just want to make sure that your computer will always retain the same address, you need to set a static IP.

Setting a static IP will ensure that no matter what else changes, your computer will always keep the same IP address.

Every device that is connected on your network must have its own unique IP address, which is usually assigned automatically by the router using a technology called DHCP. However, if you want to set your Windows computer to always keep the same IP address (called a static IP) then you’ll need to manually configure that option.

While a static IP address is not always necessary for a computer, certain programs which must communicate back and forth between your computer and the other devices on the network will require you to have a static IP address to help identify your computer on your network. If you didn’t set a static IP address, there’s a good chance that another computer or device on your network may wind up with the address your computer was previously using, thus causing some complications.

There’s really no harm in setting a static IP address on your computer, so long as you do it correctly, so if you want to set a static IP address on your Windows computer, read on and I’ll show you how.

To set a static IP address in Windows 7:

  1. From your Start menu, open the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Network Settings, then
  3. Right click on your network connection and click on ‘Properties’ as shown in the screen shot below.
  4. Now, click once on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and then click on ‘Properties’.
  5. The ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ window will appear as shown below. Simply click the bubble next to ‘Use the following IP address;’ then fill out the IP address you’d like to use, followed by the subnet mask and the default gateway.

For most home networks, the IP address should look something like 192.168.1.XXX, where XXX will be any number between 002 and 255. If this is the case for you, you will use the Subnet mask as shown above.

The default gateway address is the IP address of your router. By default, most manufacturers use for an address, but your network may be different.

Once you have entered all of this information, click OK to set your new static IP address. If you have difficulty accessing the internet after doing this, first try rebooting your computer to ensure the new static IP settings have gone into effect, and then check again.

If you still have difficulties after that, go back to step 5 above, and click the bubble next to ‘Obtain an IP address automatically‘. This will let your router assign an automatic IP address to your computer using DHCP and should restore your connectivity as it was.

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Simple Newbie’s Guide to Online Shopping

Are you new to online shopping? You saw other people rack up the savings and couldn’t take it anymore? Well, here’s an article that should put you up to a speed a bit when it comes to online shopping options and websites.

Discounts sites

This is where the full power of the Internet comes into play. These websites receive bunches of discounted items or sometimes even give you discounts before receiving the item through deals with companies. In the case of plndr.com and beyondtherack.com, they’re membership-based, although the registration is free. These websites have a VIP-only feel to them that makes shopping fun and different. When you land on multiple items that you like, you can often enter a code like “20% off on order of $60 and over” and find yourself with a significant rebate. On top of this, these websites sometimes even have a referrals program that could make you save even more. Stay tuned to their news on Facebook and Twitter as well become the best deals are often about a first-come first-served mentality. Get the news first and you will be able to get your hands on the hottest items before they show up that little Sold Out! sign.


Amazon.com is great. Why? Mainly because of the cheap shipping (sometimes free on eligible items), good prices and the all-so-important customer reviews. Amazon is also a site that provides good information to their customers like the remaining stocks, estimated delivery time and other suppliers. The customer service is obviously run through a tried-and-tested method and you will certainly be eventually satisfied even if your first item is defective. The return process is pretty simple and will make you feel relieved pretty quick. You can pretty much place a new order immediately since Amazon is that reliable on that aspect.

Another important thing about Amazon is that you should think about using the website specific to your region to get the best deals and shipping rates. Sure, most of time the selection won’t be as big on a website like Amazon.ca for example, but achieving your $25 of eligible items for free shipping will be much more easy that way, and even if some items often seem cheaper on the US amazon.com, the savings on shipping should compensate for the extra cost.

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4 Simple Computer Tricks That Could Save Your Life

When it comes to computers, a lot of us act like robots – we do the same things over and over again and own very specific habits as we work and play. However, our routines might be missing a few things, a few adjustments, which could potentially save your life. Therefore, here’s an article with four things that you shouldn’t forget when you’re on the computer, EVER.

An overloaded desktop can slow down your computer

This is a pretty obvious tip, but still a useful reminder to these compulsive workers who tend to let their desktop become flooded with icons. Remember that taking a few minutes to clear your desktop could save you a lot more in loading time and searching time, and also help you feel more relaxed and organized.

Check out your additional hardwares ;

You should give an attention to your additional hardwares like wireless routers or best all in one multifunction printers 2017, if you have it because their drivers sometime can cause some errors and make your computer registry become crash. This issue can be fixed quickly if you have experience before. There are some free registry cleaners out there that can help you to solve this. It’s not a problem if you add some hardwares as long as you can control all of them

The volume of your headphones

It has become pretty much a habit for music lovers to put their headphones at loud volumes on the computer. This is generally advice that will sound common (and even annoying) to some people, but the key of my point here is to explain exactly how the damaging occurs. The thing you need to pay attention to is to not strictly time or volume, but both at once, and in fact, there’s no harm to listening to your music “pretty loud” as long as you don’t do it for too long. Pull up a chart on the Internet if you need to and compare the duration and the decibels with what you’re listening and make adjustments if necessary. Some Android smartphones also now make a message pop up when you attain a certain level, reminding you that you should not listen to music at high volumes for long periods of time. It’s a wise initiative that’s worth mentioning.

Clear your cache after online transactions

Some websites have pretty secure log-out options nowadays, but don’t take any chance after you complete online banking transactions and clear your cache after you’re done. This is a good habit that any user should have and that will also serve you when you hop on a public computer to do a more urgent transaction.

You should take a pause at least every hour

Some people will say that I’m being a bit generous here, but this is certainly the bare minimum. Besides, for productivity purposes, many business trainers recommend that you take a pause and state that your results will only diminish with time when you extend your sessions. Take a pause of 15 minutes of at least every hour from now on.

And to conclude, those are things that you should probably paste a post-it for on your monitor. Once in the midst of things, it will be hard to remember what you read on an article on the web. Or even better, give yourself a challenge to recheck on these guidelines to see if you’ve respected them. And do you have any more points that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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What is a Hashtag?

You have definitely seen a hashtag. They are all over the television nowadays. Every popular TV show, news show, even commercials are displaying hashtags in hopes that you’ll use them to tweet or Facebook about their product or show. The problem is that if you’re not familiar with Internet jargon, you probably don’t know what a hashtag is. Well, as we are always looking to help, here’s our answer to the age-old question: What is a hashtag?

Simply put, a #hashtag is a link to a search about that particular subject. For example, if you sent out the following tweet on Twitter:

PCTech2000.com is the best #tech help site on the #internet!

The words Tech and Internet would become links to a search for tweets with those words inside them. If you were to click on those links after you sent that tweet, you’d be taken to a Twitter search page, that has all the tweets with that particular word in it. It would also put all the tweets with that particular hashtag in it.

This is why so many TV shows are placing hash tags on their shows. They hope you’ll go onto Twitter, see that hashtag (or better use it), then get involved in conversations with people who are also using that hashtag.

What Are #Hashtags Used For?

In the beginning, way back in 2006, there was no good way to search Twitter, and Twitter was too busy trying to keep their servers from crashing. So users invented a way to link (tag) tweets that were similar so a particular topic could be easily followed. Soon there were programs that allowed you to just follow a feed of your favorite hashtags.

Twitter soon caught on (they’re slow, not stupid), and made Hashtags an official feature. They have now made it so hashtags are a key part of their business, allowing businesses to sponsor hashtags (or trending topics as they call them), for money. User still use them to follow their favorite topics as they happen on Twitter.

TV and movies are the only thing they are used for. Things like the Boston bombings earlier in 2013 were a hashtag people followed to keep track of the news. More recently, a hashtag #supporttexaswomen went viral on Twitter and Facebook to support a filibuster over abortion.

Facebook recently introduced the use of Hashtags on their social network as well, though the audience there is arguably much different, and not used to using hashtags as much. Instagram has always use Hashtags as a way to link pictures to a specific topic. For example if you took a picture of your dog, and used the hashtag #dogs in the description, the link would point to all pictures that had that particular tag.

Google+ also has always had Hashtags. Recently however, they have started automatically selecting tags for each post (most of them any way). This allows users to click on that hashtag and see related posts in an interesting interface.

When Should You Use Hashtags?

Hashtags should be used sparingly in my opinion, and only when you are talking about something that matters to a bunch of people. TV shows and news events are great examples. What you had for breakfast, on the other hand, isn’t so important that it should appear in my timeline with a bunch of hashtags:

I just had a #Cornbeef #Sandwich!!! #OMG #Lunch #Yummy #HASHTAGOVERLOAD

That’s just obnoxious.

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How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Facebook is a great tool. It is also addicting, frustrating, and privacy violating. Every few months or so it becomes popular for a lot of people to delete their accounts. This is usually spurred on by a Facebook privacy change. If you’d like to delete your Facebook account, here’s how.

Warning: This post will show you how to permanently delete your Facebook account. Only do this if you are sure you want to do it, as all the data, pictures, likes, and friends that Facebook holds for you will be deleted when you go through this process.

Things We Assume:

You have a Facebook account

You know how to navigate Facebook.

Step 1

Your first step is to download all of your data and photos from Facebook. You really don’t want to lose anything, so do this even if you think everything Facebook has is useless. To do this visit your account settings page (via the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner). Then click the “Download a copy of my Facebook Data” link at the bottom of the General Settings tab. Click “Start my Archive”. It will ask you to enter your password.

After that it will send you an email when your Archived data is ready for download. It will ask you once again to enter your password. It will then download a file which has all your Facebook data inside it.

Step 2

Now you’re ready to start the deleting process. Visit this link. (you’ll need to be logged in for this to work).

Step 3

Click Delete My Account.

Step 4

Follow the directions, enter your password, the CAPTCHA, then click Okay.

Step 5

You account is now ready to be deleted. It is not deleted automatically. Read the next part for the reason why.

14 Day warning

Facebook does not delete your account right away. The process takes 14 days. During that 14 days, do not sign into your account. Doing so will reactivate your account and you will have to delete it again. This is put in place just in case you change your mind.

Know this, however, that Facebook does not guarantee that your data is safe during this 14 days, or that this 14 day period will be something they always do. So only delete your account if you want it gone. Don’t trust that 14 days to be your savior if you change your mind.