4 Simple Computer Tricks That Could Save Your Life

When it comes to computers, a lot of us act like robots – we do the same things over and over again and own very specific habits as we work and play. However, our routines might be missing a few things, a few adjustments, which could potentially save your life. Therefore, here’s an article with four things that you shouldn’t forget when you’re on the computer, EVER.

An overloaded desktop can slow down your computer

This is a pretty obvious tip, but still a useful reminder to these compulsive workers who tend to let their desktop become flooded with icons. Remember that taking a few minutes to clear your desktop could save you a lot more in loading time and searching time, and also help you feel more relaxed and organized.

Check out your additional hardwares ;

You should give an attention to your additional hardwares like wireless routers or best all in one multifunction printers 2017, if you have it because their drivers sometime can cause some errors and make your computer registry become crash. This issue can be fixed quickly if you have experience before. There are some free registry cleaners out there that can help you to solve this. It’s not a problem if you add some hardwares as long as you can control all of them

The volume of your headphones

It has become pretty much a habit for music lovers to put their headphones at loud volumes on the computer. This is generally advice that will sound common (and even annoying) to some people, but the key of my point here is to explain exactly how the damaging occurs. The thing you need to pay attention to is to not strictly time or volume, but both at once, and in fact, there’s no harm to listening to your music “pretty loud” as long as you don’t do it for too long. Pull up a chart on the Internet if you need to and compare the duration and the decibels with what you’re listening and make adjustments if necessary. Some Android smartphones also now make a message pop up when you attain a certain level, reminding you that you should not listen to music at high volumes for long periods of time. It’s a wise initiative that’s worth mentioning.

Clear your cache after online transactions

Some websites have pretty secure log-out options nowadays, but don’t take any chance after you complete online banking transactions and clear your cache after you’re done. This is a good habit that any user should have and that will also serve you when you hop on a public computer to do a more urgent transaction.

You should take a pause at least every hour

Some people will say that I’m being a bit generous here, but this is certainly the bare minimum. Besides, for productivity purposes, many business trainers recommend that you take a pause and state that your results will only diminish with time when you extend your sessions. Take a pause of 15 minutes of at least every hour from now on.

And to conclude, those are things that you should probably paste a post-it for on your monitor. Once in the midst of things, it will be hard to remember what you read on an article on the web. Or even better, give yourself a challenge to recheck on these guidelines to see if you’ve respected them. And do you have any more points that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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