dual monitor

The Benefits of Dual Monitors

Perhaps you’ve seen some people on TV shows or even some of your co-workers using two monitors for work. Seems so cool, doesn’t it? Still, setting up the additional hardware and having to actually buy a second monitor can be a deterrent to some.

It’s a good thing, then, that the price of computer monitors has really become considerably more affordable in recent years. Even the high-definition liquid crystal (LCD) display counterparts have become relatively easy on the pocket. There are even budget monitors available from lesser-known brands.

There are a bunch of benefits when working on dual monitors—benefits which far outweigh the cost argument. For one thing, it can tremendously boost productivity. Users of dual monitors are able to open multiple windows in two different screens, so there won’t be a need to navigate between tabs.

Items can be dragged and dropped across two monitors easily. Aside from the nifty visual effect of dragging between the two “separate” spaces of the monitors, this also makes certain processes faster and more convenient. Just make sure you can extend the desktop by checking under your computer’s display settings.

A dual monitor setup also makes working a more organized activity. You can have a Word document open in one monitor, and then have your research material open in the other screen. Another way to go about this is to have your actual work open in one window, and then have all the “distractions”—the media player, files downloading on the background, the web browser, and others—all in the other screen.

Those working on graphics and illustration using their computers can also vouch for the viability of dual monitor displays. That’s because they have more digital room to work with. There’s also the option of having references like wireframes and blueprints open on one monitor while working on the actual output in the other. If you are a gamer, using dual monitor will increase your gaming experience and if you combine it with the best gaming routers 2017, it will bring you to the next level.

Of course, this isn’t to say that dual monitors don’t come with potential problems. For one, they take some getting used to. Another factor is that not every computer can support them outright. Some might even need to purchase a new upgraded video card to make sure the dual monitors are supported. This might mean more trouble for you personally, or for a company’s IT crew.

Most current operating systems, though, already have built-in support for dual displays, and most current personal computers or laptops already have the necessary hardware for this purpose.

Having dual monitors can also be a pleasing aesthetic activity. You can spice up your dual monitor display. You can download wallpapers intended for two monitors. These are usually those with a very panoramic design, and they have twice the width of one monitor’s display resolution.

You can even plug a monitor into your laptop. This way, you’ll have the benefit of a second display to extend your limited workspace. This is particularly useful for laptops with small displays, or for laptops that have widescreen displays when you need more vertical space to work with (working on Photoshop layouts, for example).

When you get right down to it, there are indeed many advantages to having a dual monitor display. There may be a few inconveniences, but the sheer benefits of increased productivity far outweigh these minor problems. When you have the chance, try it out yourself and see the wonders that having two monitors offer you and your work.